Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ok ok i know i sound like a broken record but I swear time's been scarce for me.....
The recent trip to Assam n Meghalaya was great! Yadav's wedding took place in Vijayawada - and i reiterate the fact that wedding planners is a booming biz. India desperately needs them - my husband should open a service maybe, given his experience in the area. And no give ur dirty minds a rest - he planned his friends' weddings, and quite a few of them. Vijayawada was really quite hectic but the week after tht was great.

We took Howrah Mail till Kolkata - Yadav n family joined us in Vijayawada. The train journey was fun - ate the whole way there :) My kind of fun. Thankfully no rains to delay our arrival, were off to the airport after refreshin at the CSIR guest house. Kolkata's NSCBI airport was an absolute disappointment - absolutely no food counter and yes my world revolves arnd food, if there's food arnd - u will not hear me whine. Two snacks bars, one inside Arrivals and the other inside departures - can you believe it. We chked arnd with someone working at the airport and he said 'Medame, khane ke liye kuch bhi nahin - bahut mehnga hein wahan pe'.

Guwahati from the airport was nice - we only got the see the place on our way back. Jorhat is a hot place during this season, supposedly no summers there but two months which are quite sultry and guess what we were lucky enuf to be there then! The RRL Campus is awesome, quite and green with birds all arnd and fireflies at nite. The reception was a hit - the hall was beautifully done up - extremely colorful.

We visited Sibsagar and a couple of old monuments built during the Ahom dynasty - Talathal Ghar and Rang Mahal.

The visit to the tea estates and manufacturing plant was informative - couldn't take pix there but got some grt shots at the tea gardens.

The drive from Jorhat to Guwahati was the only downside to our trip - rain-damaged roads are definitely not what u want to experience.

Oh this is getting continued after a coupla days .....
Guwahati was warmer than we expected - Kamakhiya temple is really quite nice - for someone from South India, the North Indian temples are very different. I'm used to huge gopurams and tall structures with large sized deities inside . Kamkhiya was an eye-opener - really dark passages with steps leading down to the main part of the temple - its very easy to identify those that have been into the main temple and those that are on they're way in -the face has a red portion on top - an no that is exactly how we all looked - i've yet to get the pix from my dad but they will speak for themselves once they're up here.

Shillong was a pleasure - the accommodation was superb, the weather was wonderful and the food was quite alrite :)

The HQ of the Eastern Air Command of the Indian Air Force as well as tht of the Assam Riffles , one of the oldest paramilitary forces in India.

Our day in Shillong was really relaxing and a great way to end the week long vacation.

Work has been hectic again - now i've moved full-time into Consulting and hoping tht the next couple of months go grt. Finally found a place and we'll be moving over the weekend - kinda smaller than our current place in T-Nagar but it cannot be helped. I'm not even going to start with the issues of rental costs in Chennai these days.

Gai's lil angel had her 1st birthday this month and so did Karuna's Manav. The evenings went off really well. In the midst of all this, we did get Mathu her housewarming gift but forgot to give it to her. Tht's another excuse for us to meet up again :)

Will blog again more in the days to come

Friday, June 15, 2007

The past coupla weeks

As usual I've been an extremely irregular blogger..... No excuses really.
The psst few days have been eventful - workload increased, sister relocated, weddings to attend galore, mom bought mobile

After weeks of trying to get the landline phone connection fixed - it finally was. Fingers crossed but get this - the damn company will not let me downgrade to a plan lesser than my currrent cost. Go Figure!!! I'm still waiting to hear back from them - my choices were either downgrade or turn in the connection. We've been shelling out 1K a month on a connection that rarely gets used. Absolutely not worth it.

My sis finally relocated to Bang, poor kitty had to stay back - their new owner was not happy with the thought of a Cat in the house......

On the workfront - currently helping out the RS team get the Samples out and done by Horizontals.

The spree of recent wedding and engagements - Nethaji tied the knot, Cheena got engaged ( a superfast engagement if ever, i kid u not), Yadav is getting hitched on Sept 1, an ex-colleague from work got married and yes Binu is getting engaged the following month.

Sivaji, the much-awaited blockbuster is finally out today and half of the office is absent - no guesses required. I know people who within a day n half are seeing more than one show, some even three :)) That's Rajini mania for you!!!!

Mithru is heading this eve himself - i'v been promised for later. No sense heading to the theaters anytime before the next three weeks - it'll be as good as not watching the movie and watchin the ruckus arnd :)

Seen that once for Stalin - Chiru craze will be nothin compared to this show stopper.

Mum's heading to VJWD tonite, Dad's heading to Delhi for a meeting and the next couple of weeks are likely to be absolute wonkers! Treatment time for my father-in-law in Pdy. Hoping he recovers to whatever extent is possible!!

Hmmm otherwise the going has been ok. Oh yes, the weekend was lovely, we went to Dakshin Chitra - man is the place a wonder!! Been wanted to head thataway and did once but turned out to be a holiday (whoever heard of a Tuesday holiday). The place was awesome but we didn't get a chance to see all of it, need to head over earlier the next time. Then on our way back stopped off at the ECR Dhaba - swell experience. Will upload the pix soon but they have ducks, rabbits, emus, pigeons, cocktails, PERSIAN Cats for christsakes, goats, etc. Had a whale of a time!!!

This weekend will be a bore compared to tht.
It was Pratheep's birthday on Monday - so we all met up later tht nite, they stayed on over, Mathu n Danesh left after a while. Nice evening........

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Time goes by

Well here i am - sitting at work, twiddling my fingers so to speak. There's plenty to get done but no will to work *sigh sigh* Its one of those days when all i really want to do is curl up and read - guess its after effects of yesterday :) One of those lazy but extremely hot days.

When we move houses - i am going to make damn sure that the kitchen has some decent ventilation. Arghhhhh just thinking of cooking in my kitchen is driving me nuts!!!!!

Hopefully no cooking this evening - Mithru is heading out for a floodlight match, a short one but maybe to make up he will bring food home :P I know, i know - am being greedy but wat the heck, small pleasures and all.

But seriously the current heatwave that's passing Chennai is no joke. And this even before it actually gets worse. Agni Nakshitaram is around the corner and no one in their rite minds is looking forward to it.......

Was planning on watching Pursuit of Happiness but completely slipped my mind yesterday, guess i'll end up watching Cruel Intentions - a weird movie to say the least - wat i remember of it from long long ago - a twisted relationship between stepsiblings.

One awesome movie series i finally got to see recently - Final Destination 1, 2 & 3. Man is that an awesome movie or wat!!!! The concept is completely thought provoking and can drive one arnd the bend completely :))
Death is chasing you every step of the way - makes one wonder really but yea does make sense in a completely offhanded way. Death's design !!!

Haven't been to the movies in the recent past - no time really wat with me being ill and then Mithru's dad's treatment this week. I sure hope he handles it as well as he did Cycle 1. The next few weeks are not going to be too easy and the heat won't help either. Fingers crossed !!!

Kas is going to come over tomorrow nite - hopefully we'll hit the bed by 12 atleast.

A friend recently saw Life is Beautiful - well i am at a loss for words when i think of the movie. The emotions that are portrayed and implied......... truly beautiful movie but one that I cannot watch more than once.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Life in reverse :)

A post on a friend's blog said it all -

"The most unfair thing about life is the way it ends. I mean, life is tough. It takes up a lot of your time. What do you get at the end of it? 'A death.' What's that , a bonus?

I think the life cycle is all backwards - You should die first, get it out of the way. Then go live in an old-age home - after getting kicked out for being too healthy, go collect your pension then, when you start work, you get a gold watch on your first day. You work for forty years until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement. You drink alcohol , you party and you get ready for High School. You go to primary school, you become a kid, you play, you have no responsibilities whatsoever, you become a little baby, you go back, you spend your last 9 months floating with luxuries like central heating, spa, room service on tap, and then you finish off as an orgasm!! Amen!"